Momentum is a change-making organization that acts as a bridge by taking an economic approach to poverty reduction and adding a social perspective to economic development initiatives.

Our programs are holistic, covering everything from financial literacy, entrepreneurship and employment training, to developing communication skills, building self-confidence and establishing positive social networks.

Our work is focused in the following 3 areas:
Programs and services for people that are living on low incomes to increase their ability to manage and save money, train for and maintain good jobs, or start a business. Built on the sustainable livelihoods model, Momentum’s programs work to build livelihood assets—connections, sense of self, basics needs and services, skills and knowledge, and finances—that lead to increased income and assets, and ultimately an exit from poverty.

Support to communities and businesses to build and sustain the local economy from the ground up through Community Economic Development education and resources.

Community leadership working with community partners, academics, civil servants and elected officials to support innovative  systems-change approaches to poverty reduction, promote best-practices through evaluation and research, and influence public policies to remove barriers and allow people to be more financially stable.

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Services & Programming Offered

Start a business: Programs for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey, from exploring what it takes to start a business to growing their business and creating a positive local impact. There is also the opportunity to access micro-loans.

Save your money: Financial empowerment programming that includes low-touch self-directed learning, more involved matched savings programs, and one-on-one financial coaching.

Get a good job: Skills training programs focused on the trades and technology. Participants also get work experience placements and support finding placements in their career.