We support our clients in meeting their immediate and most basic needs, then work directly with them to create positive change in their lives. We believe that healthy women and healthy families lead to thriving communities.


To intervene, empower, and lead when and where women need us most.

YW Calgary is the largest and longest serving women’s organization in Calgary. For more than a century, we have touched tens of thousands of lives and have continually evolved our programming to meet the changing needs of women in the community.

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Services & Programming Offered


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Domestic Violence & Crisis 


  • 24Hr Crisis Line - This program is for women at risk of experiencing domestic violence. If you need to speak to someone about options and support related to domestic abuse, we’re here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 403.266.0707. This service is free.

If you’re in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1.


  • Domestic Violence Shelter - This program is for women with OR without children leaving domestic abuse. YW Sheriff King Home offers a safe place for women and children fleeing violence as they heal, and continued support as they plan for the next stage in their lives. YW Sheriff King Home is a short-stay crisis shelter for women and their children leaving domestic abuse and violence. The shelter provides basic needs, including food and personal items, as well as individual domestic abuse counselling and support.During their stay and afterwards, women and children can also access one-on-one support and referrals to help children understand and make sense of their experiences and feelings in a safe and supportive environment. Women leaving shelter and moving to the community can continue to receive support from the YW Outreach Supports team, who help them navigate the system and connect them with resources for housing programs, legal services and education support as they build a safe, secure life. We also refer women to our safe visitation program. This program is free. Childcare is available.

How to Register:

Call 403.266.0707 or visit the shelter in person. Available 24/7 for help


  • Domestic Violence Support - offering support to women leaving or experiencing domestic abuse. This program can be a source of short-term support as women seek information and make healthy choices. The focus is safety, connection to community resources, and information and education related to domestic abuse and breaking the cycle of violence. Any woman can access outreach support by contacting our 24-hour crisis line at 403.266.0707. This program is free.

Due to COVID-19 all outreach support services are virtual or by phone.

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Shelter & Housing 


  • Transitional Housing - Provides safe and affordable housing for women who are in crisis or transition. We support women in their search for a better future, helping them overcome trauma, focus on healing, develop economic stability and secure safe, affordable housing. The transitional housing program helps women find and secure safe, affordable permanent housing while they receive individualized support. Once they have secure housing, we connect them to community resources for further support to help them move towards self-reliance, personal growth and independence. While in the transition shelter program, women have 24/7 access to client support, counselling, and other resources the offered by YW. Client support teams offer life-skill building including employment workshops, budgeting and community engagement activities. Childcare is not offered in this program. Program fees for Transitional Housing are determined by income.

For Information/Intake please call or email

P - 403.263.1550

E - THGeneral@ywcalgary.ca


  • Emergency Housing - YW offers an emergency bed program for single women without children who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness, fleeing violence and/or experiencing challenges with mental wellness, addictions or other barriers. There is no cost for the temporary emergency beds, however space is limited. Childcare is not offered in this program. This program is free. Call 403.705.0315


  • Intensive Case Management Outreach - The ICM team offers one-on-one support that includes counselling, street outreach and basic life-skills development. The ICM team create individual plans for each client, based on their needs and goals, and follow them for a three-year period. The ICM team will also refer clients to other agencies that can help address their complex needs. The major strength of this program is its flexibility — the team is aware of how differently homelessness affects each individual, and understands the solutions available. They work closely with the client to create a plan that works for them based on their lifestyle and previous successes. In addition to client work, the ICM team conducts in-services with community agencies and runs group workshops to help raise awareness of the issues homeless individuals face.

For Information please call/email

P - 403.294.7333

E - ICM@ywcalgary.ca


Group Counselling - Group counselling is an affordable way to help you build a healthy future in a safe, supportive environment. It helps build healthy relationships, develop positive parenting skills, stimulate mindfulness, reduce stress, and help women, children, men and families heal from trauma. YW Counselling is a key support in working through isolation, substance and domestic abuse. YW accepts referrals from Probation and Children’s Services and works with the legal system to provide domestic violence treatment. Women, children ages 4+, men and families. Child-minding is available. Space is limited. The affordable and flexible fee structure is based on a sliding scale.


  • Building Healthy Relationships for women and men - Separate groups supporting the treatment of domestic abuse, trauma or highly conflicted relationships. Groups focus on goal setting to encourage change, self-empowerment, strength celebration and support to confront difficult changes and choices.
  • Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for women and men - Separate groups for women and men designed to reduce stress and manage strong emotions through mindfulness practice. Highly trained YW counsellors teach DBT skills to help increase pleasant emotions and build happier and healthier lives.
  • Effective Parenting - A FREE group program for parents and caregivers with children ages 5 and up who want to learn new skills to manage parent-child conflict and strengthen family relationships. During the eight weekly sessions, participants learn new tools to manage how to effectively manage strong emotions and challenging behaviour, incorporate positive discipline, build effective communication and improve problem-solving

Call 403.536.2844 or Email counselling@ywcalgary.ca


Individual & Family Counselling - We all need support from time to time, whether we’re a parent or child. YW works to create healthy family dynamics by supporting connections and helping clients develop strategies that promote mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and resiliency. Family counselling provides a safe and supportive environment for women and their families to build stronger relationships and a healthy future. Women, children and men in family counselling can also access individual or group counselling sessions.


  • Adult Individual Counselling - Individual treatment and support for adults. YW counsellors encourage connections and help clients develop strategies that promote mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and resiliency.
  • Skills for Healthy Parenting: ABC’s of Repairing Relationships and Building Family Connections - A group program for parents who are in an active stage of change and are seeking hands-on tools and activities to repair relationships with their children and within their families. Parents and children (ages 4+) learn and practice self-awareness skills together to build strong connections and resiliency in the family.
  • Child and Family Counselling - Counselling for families with children ages 4 to 17. Children participate in art, talk, mindfulness practice and play therapy. Involvement and support from the entire family is encouraged.

Call 403.536.2844 or Email counselling@ywcalgary.ca


Language & Employment 


  • Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) provides basic English language training to help permanent residents or refugees with social, cultural and economic adaptation. This program is designed to help women and men adjust and build confidence. Participants learn about the local community and Canadian society; develop practical English-language skills, and widen their social circle. LINC classes are organized by Canadian Language Benchmark levels — YW currently offers CLB 1 to CLB 4. Currently, all classes are held virtually. Child-minding is available but spaces are limited. This program is free. Click Here to View Schedule

Call 403.750.5357 or Email linc@ywcalgary.ca


  • Women's Employment Resource Centre - This program is for women over 18 who are under-employed or unemployed. Helps women with essential skills, job search techniques, resume writing and making connections with education partners and employers. The goal is to support women as they establish and maintain employment; to create a learning environment that supports women in building capacity. We offer workshops and one-on-one employment readiness support to hundreds of women who are currently accessing YW housing and support programs, as well as anyone living in the community. Childcare is not offered in this program. This program is free. Call 403.705.7543 Or Email employment@ywcalgary.ca


  • Childcare - Program is for children up to five years old of YW clients or general public seeking quality childcare services. Finding reliable childcare is a challenge almost every parent can relate to. For women in transition, daycare becomes even more vital as they work to heal, secure housing, or find work. The YW Childcare Centre in Inglewood is a licensed facility that offers full-time, part-time and drop-in space for children up to five years of age. We believe in quality childcare that encourages your child’s individual development, emphasizing creative play and child-centred activities. In accordance with Alberta’s relaunch strategy, YW Childcare is now open and available to the public with full-time, part-time and drop-in spaces. We are following Alberta Health Service guidelines by limiting class sizes, performing health screenings upon entry and increasing sanitizing schedules. Fees vary depending on the age of the child. Subsidies and bursaries are available to help cover costs. Call 403.232.1594 or Email childcare@ywcalgary.ca


  • Family Resource Network - Family Resource Network programs focus on supporting the whole family. This includes providing caregivers and parents with skills and knowledge to strengthen family relationship, teaching children and teens to cope with trauma and improve child and youth development by building resilience and fostering well-being. Click Here for More Info

Call 403.262.0497 or Email familynetwork@ywcalgary.ca


Mindful Moments - This free, eight week program teaches parents and kids (ages 8 to 12) how and when to use mindfulness skills to cope when challenging situations arise.  By learning strategies to manage stressful situations more effectively, participants build stronger family relationships. Participants are provided with new strategies each week and are encouraged to engage in mindfulness practice between sessions. Childcare is not available for this program. This program is free. To Register Call 403.750.2500 or Email MindfulMoments@ywcalgary.ca


  • Visitation Services - YW’s Family Access Services provides safe, supervised visitation and monitored exchange services for families who are going through difficult transitions. This program helps facilitate supervised parenting time in a secure and supportive environment that promotes healthy parent-child relationships and the well-being of all family members during times of conflict and transition. YW Family Access Services knows that the need for supervised visitation remains in place during the COVID-19 pandemic and is essential to keeping families safe and connected during these challenging times. To ensure consistency of services and to best support families, YW Family Access Services provides a hybrid model of virtual and in-person services. Both parents must contact the program at 403.206.2767 to register. Click Here for More Info


  • COMPASS - offers education and support to parents of children up to 12 years old (grade 6). Participants learn positive parenting strategies (including strategies specific to their child), social and problem-solving skills, and goal-setting. In-home visits and referrals to community services help families access the support they need to create a healthy, independent future. Families access services through a referral from an agency or professional such as:
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Calgary & Area Child & Family Services
  • Calgary Board of Education
  • Calgary Catholic Separate Board of Education
  • Childcare Centres
  • Pre-schools
  • Community Agencies
  • Community Resource Centres
  • Psychologists
  • Speech Therapists

For More Info Call 403.264.3440 Or Email compassprogram@ywcalgary.ca